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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Segway personal transporter ?

Segway is the first personal transportation that maintains balance on two wheels. With very small dimensions, Segway uses the same space as a pedestrian and it is allowed to go through pedestrian areas. Also, it is specially designed for intelligent and environmentally friendly transportation around the city.

How does it work ?

Thanks to the dynamic stabilization, Segway works perfectly with the body movement. The gyroscopes and tilt sensors allow the Segway to control the drivers gravity center 100 times per second. This way, when the driver leans forward, the Segway moves within the same direction; and when the driver leans back, it accompanies the movement, becoming an extension of your own body.

How secure is it ?

It has been invested much time and effort to ensure Segway`s safety. The revolutionary dynamic stabilization technology enables an exceptional driving experience. Segway systems are redundant and are equipped with sophisticated alerts to avoid any mistakes, which certifies your safety. Our tours begin with a personalized training from our professional guides, that will make sure you can drive safely on a Segway.

Are Tours canceled on rainy days ?

Yes, they are canceled. It´s not as much fun when it is raining. In this case we make an effort to find an alternative date. And of course, if not possible we will fully refund your payment.

How do I book a Segway Tour ?

Select your preferred tour and time, we have several daily Tours. Once a reservation is made, one of our agents will confirm by email or phone.

How long do the Tours last ?

We have different tours for you to choose from, 60 , 90, 120 and 180 minutes. All our tours include previous training with our expert guides before your start the actual Tour.

How far in advance should I book ?

You can call the very same day to check if there is any availability, however it is very possible that the tours are complete. We recommend booking as far in advance as possible, so you can get the day and time that you really desire.

Is Segway safe for children or people with disabilities ?

Although using a Segway is very easy and safe, we do we ask that participants have at least 16 years old. And in addition, drivers must weigh between 35 and 130 kilos and able to walk up and down a step without assistance.

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